When it comes to brainstorming a gift for your recipient’s next occassion, we usually all fall into the same traps. How on earth do we find something different and unique to last time? Or how do we find something they will actually appreciate?

This is where we believes Songly fits the bill.

There’s no denying personalised gifts are becoming more prevelant in this day and age, where the usual flowers, chocolates and movie vouchers seem to be slowly going out of fashion. Don’t get us wrong, they’re still awesome & popular gifts for a reason, but if you’re looking to make it extra special this time around, you’ve got to add that personal touch!

We believe Songly gives you everything you need through a personalised song:

1. You get a chance to tell both yours and your recipient’s story!

2. You get a chance to create a gift they’ll cherish forever!

3. You get a professionally-recorded track made just for you and your recipient!

4. You get a personalised gift, like no other!

5. You get some serious brownie points!

The list goes on and on.