Personalised Wedding Songs

You’ve Waited Your Entire Life for Your Wedding Day

You deserve your wedding day to be special, and Songly can help make it even more special by creating a unique, one-of-a-kind custom wedding song, personalised to tell your fairytale love story.

Nothing tells a love story quite like a love song, one that perfectly shares your feelings with the world. It can share a glimpse of your special bond with your family and friends.

Our Wedding Song Service can help set the tone for your special day and make it an even more memorable occasion by letting you share your custom wedding song with all your guests.

Allow Us to Mark Your Special Day with Our Wedding Song Service

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An Unforgettable Wedding Experience

A personalised wedding song will make your special day the most memorable wedding day for all.

Your guests will take a unique moment from your wedding with them, made memorable by an original song that reflects your hopes and dreams played at a moment of your choice.

Your custom wedding song can even be gifted to everyone, so they have a unique gift to remember your special day forever.

Most importantly, you will have a special, personalised song to cherish your wedding day forever.

Let Us Write The Soundtrack to Your Happily Ever After.

Our artists write your custom wedding day song completely from scratch using only your notes! No templates, no pre-recorded choruses; completely brand new and personalised just for you.

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A Song that Tells Your Stories and Feelings

Our custom wedding songs are written specifically for your special day to tell your stories, your feelings, and your connection with the one you love most.

We can write a personalised wedding song to be played at a specific part of your wedding, including:

Your Wedding Ceremony

Your Wedding Reception

Your Wedding Video

As a Wedding Gift for Your Partner

As a Wedding Gift for a Loved One

The Bride’s First Dance with Her Father

The Bride’s First Dance with The Groom

And More

Our Wedding Song Service personalises the lyrics to suit any moment, reason, or perspective.

A Wedding Day Gift Like No Other

Songly’s Wedding Song Service will allow you to give the bride and groom a wedding day gift they will cherish for years to come.

It is a personalised gift unlike any other and is sure to score you some serious brownie points with the wedding party.

Songly will deliver your personalised wedding day gift in just 5-days.

Including a Songly Gift Box, Personalised CD, Personalised Lyrics Sheet, and Personalised QR Card with a scannable bar code to share your gift with everyone.

Don’t Miss Your Chance at the Best Wedding Day Gift Ever

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